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How to: Forums


simple guide five has to fix this and make it pretty

how to (spoon) transfer thread from Enjin to new forums:

literally just go to a Google Docs document, paste the code from the Enjin thread into it. Ctrl + F, then click the three dots to open up the advanced panel. It will have a replace function, in which it Finds the phrase/word, and Replaces it with something else. Use the following list to determine what needs to be found (left) and what it needs to be replaced with (right).

[rule]- > [hr]

[table] -> [table=x]
where x is an integer between 1 and 100 (this determines size of table, and if it doesn't have a size, the whole thread breaks so it is important to add a number. recommended number is 40.)

[center] -> [align=center]
(this applies to
, by adding align= before it)

[/center] and [/left] and [/justify] and [/right] -> [/align]
(same as before, it caps the features)

[size=x] -> [size=y]
(IMPORTANT: x is integer between 1 and 7 (confirm?), y is word ranging from xx-small to xx-large. 3 is small, 4 is medium, 5 is large, 6 is x-large, and so on.)


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