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The most widespread of all races, humans and human civilization reaches to nearly every corner of the world. Though quite unremarkable physically, with a shorter lifespan than many races, humans show a tenacity and drive that many races lack, compelled to spread the race as far as possible and to even the most inhospitable lands. Humans are mostly liked by other races, and in general don’t have a hatred toward any specific race, though they can be racist towards many of the more monstrous looking humanoids.

Human Traits
Size. Medium.
Age. Reach adulthood at 18 and can live up to 90.
Alignment. Any
Language. Common and one extra language of their choice. Any language, except secret language (such as Druidic).
Speed. 6 blocks

Ability Score Increase. Your ability scores each increase by 1, or you can increase one ability score by 2 and another two scores by 1.
Skill Versatility. You gain proficiency in one set of tools, then any three skills or languages of your choice.

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